An Anointed Psalmists

April Joy Mtyora is an anointed, sought-after psalmist and worship leader.  She has led the people of God in worship across the country and internationally. Her dynamic and spirited style lifts people out of natural situations and facilitates a supernatural atmosphere that produces healing, deliverance, and freedom! Her voice is both strong and commanding; angelic and reverent. She approaches every opportunity to lead worship as a moment to break chains; to act as a catalyst for people to personally encounter God and engage with Him, completely emptying herself as a part of that process.

April Joy has been singing since she was a toddler and began leading worship at age thirteen. To date, April Joy has almost thirty years of worship-leading experience and continues to find new and powerful ways to introduce worship to the body of Christ.


Worship Leading

April Joy accepted her call to ministry early in her teenage years and has devoted her life to mentoring youth, particularly young women. She is deeply committed to the service of the Kingdom; choir directing, youth ministry, worship education, and, the preaching of the Word.  April Joy has a BA in Practical Ministry from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA.  Since graduation, she has been working in various ministerial capacities at Jubilee Christian Church, a ministry founded by her father in 1982, the largest inner-city church in New England. She is now a Worship Pastor at The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham Alabama, serving under Bishop Van Moody.  In 2009, April Joy was ordained to pastoral ministry at Jubilee as a part of Church Without Walls International. Her effectiveness in worship comes from an extensive knowledge of the Word and a pure love for the teachings of Jesus Christ. Additionally, April Joy has a miraculous personal story that has tested and proven her lifestyle of praise and worship.  She openly shares her testimony as a part of leading worship, which serves as an anointed method of deliverance for God’s people.



April Joy was part of a national recording artist, Ashmont Hill, a contemporary gospel group comprised of her sister and two of her brothers.  The group has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad and has recorded three albums to date. She was also a significant vocal contributor to Jubilee’s three worship recordings, titled Jubilee Worship.